Yam Chat Client Download and Review

Yet Another Messenger or simply we can calls as Yam, is unofficial chat client of Yahoo Messenger. Created and developed by Trolling_Around, Yam chat client can be used as an alternative chat client of yahoo messenger just like YahElite and YmLite. Of course Yam is 3rd Party Yahoo Messenger chat client.

Short Review About Yam – Yet Another Messenger

According to the official website of Yam –If We not wrong about this–, We can’t find any useful information and claim relating with Yam. Only small information such as help forum of Yam and also download link for Yam Skins or themes. Although we can’t find any useful information about Yam, but according to Yam users, we can notice that Yam is a kind of 3rd Party Yahoo Messenger chat client that friendly to the user chat that only has a small bandwidth and connection, especially for GPRS connections. In Addition, chat-clients.com said that Yam is free of any kind of malicious software–Scanned using AVAS, AVG and Kaspersky anti virus.

Our Experiences using Yam

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First time we tried to use Yam chat client, we notice that yam was very simple to be operated. No need installation and other kind of registering product. All we need to do just click and run yam.exe file in the Yam folder. Even though the skin and user interface of Yam chat client not quite good enough, Yam we notice that has easy friendly to use for new user or beginner.

Uniqueness and useful features: Just like other unofficial chat client of YM, Yam also has a join room option, nickname tattoo, spam protection, boot protection, auto answer, and also has change skin option. Simple operating of Yam also the unique thing in Yam. Just download Yam zip and then extract it. After that just run yam.exe and login in yahoo messenger.

Lack from Yam: Unfortunately, Yam Chat Client did not have a web cam viewer. Either in our opinions, Yam does not has a good interface looking. The skin’s not quiet good enough and sometime boot attack still can makes it disconnect. Sometime for bad connection, a log-in time takes longer than usual.

Version History of Yam

The newest version of Yam chat client, according to Yam official website is version 2.38 – Last updated in July 14th, 2008.

Download Yam

You can download the latest Yam chat client from yam official website that We mention above, just simply make download proses of Yam through the download link we give you below:

Free Download Yam Full on MediaFire: Download Yam
Free Download Yam Full on Rapidshare: Download Yam
Free Download Full Yam via TinyUrl: Download Yam

If you face any older version in the download link, just make sure you update Yam chat client from Yam updater, and then restart Yam again before you finally use it as your chat client service. Yam is freeware software, so don’t hesitate to use and download it.

ps: Image from http://www.trolling.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ss-contacts.jpg