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Ycaddy Yahoo Messenger Chat Client

It almost a year we did not share any of 3rd party of Yahoo Messenger Chat Client aka unofficial Yahoo Chat Client. Right now, there were some of Y!M Chat Client –3rd party / unofficial — that been released via Underground community of Yahoo. Some of them got pretty good feature. And one of the Client of YM that we wanna talk and share at this time called as Y!Caddy or just simply called as YCaddy (Y Caddy, Y for Yahoo Messenger, Caddy for Cadillac ). This Y Chat Client programmed under C-Sharp and need Microsoft .Net Framework version 3.5 or above to run properly (You can download it free from Microsoft or just googling it).

Y!Caddy Yahoo Chat Client Feature and Review

The great features in YCaddy that you should try is the ability of this Yahoo Chat Client to view others User’s Webcam of Yahoo and also Auto Screen Shot (Not all 3rd party clients supports Webcam — as long as we knew only YahElite that also supports webcam viewer via YahSee).

Common features in Y!Caddy are Chat Room, Chat Room List, Contacts List, Room User List, Emoticons, Voice Chat, PM Voice, Webcam Supports, Voice Control, Voice Domination, Lag Protection, Message Log Archive, Auto Ignore, Add a Friend, Spam Filter, Play YouTube Links inside the Room, Anti Boot, Client Viewer (If someone using others 3rd Party Yahoo Chat Client, it would automatically detect the client of the users), Text Color, Style and Font Chooser, Auto Cloak, and many more.

Official Site of YCaddy

Update: The Official Website of Y!Caddy is http://home-town-geek.com/ (thanks to titan for the comment)

Youtube Tutorial How to Use Y!Caddy Chat Client

Here we found a good tutorial on how to use Y!Caddy Chat Client for your main Yahoo Messenger Chat Room Talking and Conversation (including how to login, how to join room and use to talk in Chat Room).

Download YCaddy Chat Client (compressed in Rar File that need Rar extractor)

We only found the mirror links of YCaddy in some of file sharing hosting, you can choose one of them. The version of YCaddy inside the link is YCaddy Version.

Update! Download YCaddy from official site home town geek (Recommended!)

YCaddy Setup Installer at zshare

Download Y!Caddy at sendspace: Download
YCaddy at multiupload: Download

Note: make sure you are also installed the Official Yahoo Messenger in your Computer / PC / Laptop before you install Y!Caddy Yahoo Chat Client.

Credit: Viprasys.org