YEpic Yahoo Messenger Chat Client Y!Epic Free Download

Y!Epic is third party chat client of Yahoo Messenger. I just knew about this client of YM. It seems that YEpic is a brand new Yahoo Messenger Client. YEpic developed by TPLSolution.

Features of YEpic

YOu can use Chat Room, Friends List, Emoticons, Voice Chat, Ignore List, and many more by using Y!Epic. I don’t really know whether YEpic can be use as Anti Boot or Bot Protection or not.

Latest Version of YEpic Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger

The latest version of Y!Epic is version that was updated on July 9th 2010. In this new version you can get some fixed commands of /mem, /cpu, and /os and also some security updates.

Free Download Y!Epic

Download YEpic version Download at sendspace | download at multiupload

YEpic Version V.1.0.64: Download at SendSpace | Download at MultiUpload | Download at TinyUpload

I suggest you to download YEpic Full Installer from the official at It freeware software that you can download and use it freely. Otherwise, you can download from the links below. If you got any question about yepic please join Y!Epic Forum at

Download Y!Epic 3.1MB

Download YEpic at MediaFire

Note: It seems that Yepic designed to works under Windows OS (Windows XP, Vista or 7 maybe), and If you wanna use YEpic on Linux you can install it by using Wine (for more info how to install yepic on linux just click here).

YEpic Skin Download

As you might already knew, YEpic has the capability to change its theme / skin. For alternative Skin of Yepic that you can download and try just use YEpic Skins (click the link to download, over 150 Skin are available in there)


  1. judith sherrouse says

    Dear Lee I have purchased yepic from you,,,and I have been asked by many if there is anything You might do to help us remove a botter that has destroyed for several weeks politics /political chat room 7.

  2. darrel cranston says

    i can seem to sign it, i progagly scewed it seceonds… Any help whould be appreciated
    here we go 65

  3. anny says

    dee you are right,, they record every i was told also they take pple emails and do what they want with them

  4. Dee says

    Cheeta like Yepic was a chat client built for a girl in a chatroom for the author to get laid, its got hidden forms on it and doesn’t have proper voice or webcam support. illegally uses yahoo japan voice servers for it’s own chat service which will put you at risk. The author is a known yahoo booter, who records all chats and will use your IP address to any ends. Take a look in the yepic alerts folder and check up wakeup.wav and fight.gif then wonder why they’re there to begin with.

  5. shi.cago says

    I am not at all pleased with Y!EPiC…I keep getting a message about something failing…what failed?? And the layout of this program is not easy to figure out…and the procedures to follow are hard to figure out too. Oh Oh Oh, do I miss my Cheeta! Cheeta was wonderful. I started with Cheeta when it started…and I waited patiently for it to return the times it went absent. So, since this yepic is not so good, if we must go to chat at all, we have to use Yahoo Messenger…what a sad state of affairs. I guess I shall not do any sort of chat anymore…why did yepic start up since it has so many problems??

  6. jennyfer says

    hola..perdonen acabo de instalar el yepic pero en las salas de chat solo me salen en ingles y sitios de eeuu y yo quiero salas en spañol y de lugar de america del sur…ayudemen porfavor como puedo entrar ahi gracias

  7. The Truth says

    I hope all you YEpic users are aware that you are among a BOTNET! If you don’t know what that means go look it up!! Just because something is new and shiny doesn’t make it better or safer ;-) Pick another chat client is my best advice

  8. natalie says

    i just finished installing yepic..but its not working no captcha..always error..pls help!

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