Y!Metal Yahoo Messenger Chat Client YMetal

This Yahoo Messenger Chat client called as Y!Metal was formerly known as Y-Metal (with dash to separate within Y and Metal in older version than in the newest version that used Y! to represent Yahoo as their separator between Y and Metal). Developed by programmer that has a name Kevin Dunn. Of course, as it developed and created not from Yahoo itself (released by other people that not affiliate with Yahoo), Y!Metal can be categorized as 3rd Party Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger. Y!Metal is desktop Client application of Yahoo Messenger that needed to be downloaded and installed in your computer before you can use it and run it. In other word Y!Metal isn’t web base chat client but Desktop Chat Client of YM.

Y!Metal Features

Among Yahoo Messenger users, they love to used 3rd party chat client because of they don’t find a good features in official Yahoo Messenger such as Anti Boot / Boot Protection, to many advertisement and many more. Therefore by using 3rd Party Chat Client like Y!Metal, they can obtain what they don’t find in Official client. Features in YMetal are: Anti Boot / Boot Protection, no Advertisement at all, Multi Private Message / Instant Message (PM / IM) with Smiley, Font Color, Sound, Report PMS to Yahoo Save Guard, Ignore, and common feature that also available in Yahoo Messenger (official), Room List Generator / Chooser, Chat Room with single and Multi Room Invite, Buddy List, Anti Spam, Ignore, Proxies socks4 and socks5 supported, raw voice system in Chat room (Voice Dominance and lag Protection), Re-sizable windows chat, support YMSG 102 Protocol, Save as chat session (history chat archive), captcha, and many more.

Lack in Y!Metal

Just like others chat client that been designed to make you “save” in chat room by using Anti Boot, YMetal did not support Webcam / Video Chat activities. It seem Y!Metal fully design to “guard” you in Chat Room activities. This also mean you can’t used C2C (cam to cam) and it also seem that Y!Metal didn’t support Voice call PM to PM (I’m not sure though). No official website (only the programmer forum: http://the-untouchables.net) is also the “lack” of Y!Metal (We can’t find the official website of Y!Metal, if you do know where is the address of YMetal official site, just leave a comment please): This could also means there was no auto update on Y!metal. All update must be done manually and the installer of Y!Metal only available in “mirror” condition.

Version Available of YMetal

As long as We knew the latest update of Y!Metal was on July 9th, 2010 and the version of it, is Y!Metal Chat Client V1.5.6. The new released was launch with new feature of color edit on text and font. Below are the official post’s release of Ymetal Version 1.5.6 quoted from official site of ymetal:

Modified colors forms now fonts, size, bold, italic and underline show on a frame for fast access – On the latter frame the color button will have 2 choices: Other colors: where you can pick a fore color Color effect: where you can enable it then compose your colors and tattoos – On the color effect form you are now able to save your composed colors on different profiles to use anytime.

Source: www.the-untouchables.net

Compatibility of Operating System of YMetal

YMetal designed just to works under Windows OS, including Windows Vista, Windows XP, and also Windows 7. If you try to use in Linux, you can try to use Ymetal by using Wine.

License and Free Download Links of Y!Metal

YMetal (if not wrong / not sure enough) are available in Free / freeware. Below are the available free download links of Y!Metal in some version edition :

Y!Metal Chat Client Version 1.9.8 | Mirror

YMetal v1.5.6 –released at July 9th 2009 — at official site of Ymetal: Download (zip file) : Download (rar file)

Y!Metal Chat Client V1.5.3 : Download 2Shared | YMetal at SendSpace | Y!Metal at megaupload | Y-Metal at zshare
Y-Metal Chat Client V1.5.2 Update (9/06/2010): Download at 2Shared | YMetal at SendSpace

Update! Official site of Y!Metal

According to Gaurd, the official site of YMetal is http://www.the-untouchables.net/ymetal.htm. If you try to check whether YMetal has a latest update or not, just visit the official site of Ymetal above. IF YOU EAGER On DEVELOPING Y!METAL AND HAD ENOUGH MONEY, DO NOT HESITATE TO MAKE A DONATION (visit the official site above and find the donation button to donate.

Advice for Kevin Dunn:  it’s better if the donation button link available in paypal instead of alertpay :D