YmLite Chat Client Download and Review

After We wrote a sort review and download link of YahElite, now, We try to give you another download and review of unofficial chat client of yahoo messenger named as Y!mLite. For short type of Y!mLite, just calls as YmLite without “!” before Y, its will make us easier to type it, don’t we? or if We said YmLite without “Y!” is the same meaning like Y!mLite. May be Y! is for Yahoo, m for messenger and Lite for Elite, so we can said the abbreviation of Y!mLite is Yahoo Messenger Elite.

Short Review About Ymlite

Even though We heard a rumor that YmLite no longer continue to be developed, but for a knowledge and learn in Messenger Service, especially in Yahoo Messenger, we will give you a short review an also a download link of YmLite. As long as We knew, and also according to google search, We can’t find Y!mLite official website or blog. The old official website in www.ymlite.us –mentioned in YmLite Software Tab Links– has been parked and not available anymore. YmLite developed and created by Craic. C that has YM ID craig.us.

Some of our friends in chat room or friends list of Yahoo Messenger said that we can use YmLite to protect from spam, bots, unwanted Pm and many more, even We heard that YmLite 100% unbootable. Just activate the boot protection and you will be unbootable ever after. For tutorial how to use YmLite as boot protection or anti boot, We plan to give you at other separate article or post.

Our Experiences using YmLite

Using YmLite just like others unofficial chat clients of Yahoo Messenger might be got some trouble at the first time. Even though that such fuzziness for new user, YmLite provides a great tools such as beautiful cools design with change skin options available and also has good protection from malicious programs.

Uniqueness and useful features: Tattoo, spam protection, full emoticons list, and many options that provided by YmLite are good things we can achieve from YmLite.

Lack of YmLite: Official website that usually created by the author has not available in YmLite–has been parked. The others lack We find from YmLite are the sustainability and continuation of developing YmLite seemly has not under top priority, a rumor said YmLite was retired and help menu unavailable in the current software.

Version History

The newest or latest YmLite available is Y!mLite 303 final R4. About the old version of YmLite We not mentions it because the old version did not working in chat room cause of captcha issue.

Download Y!mLite:

As long as We understand, YmLite is a freeware software, so you can download and use it freely. Make sure you install YmLite first in your Personal Computer before you run and using it. Below is some of download link that you can use:

YMlite version 308.6

New Version of Y!mLite: You can find the latest version of YMlite [ Ymlite Ver 308.6 ] form ymlite-underground.info with special features of 101 and 102 Login Server: Download Page

Update: The unofficial website forum home of YmLite (not sure enough about this) is http://ymlite.me/. Just found warning note at ymlite.me forum that you should read first:

This Forum is NOT affiliated with the Owner of Y ! m l i te(Craig Capel) any info or downloads used from here are used AT YOUR OWN RISK! Craig Capel or the Owner of the is Forum (ymlite.me) CANNOT
be held responsible for any misleading information or any mishaps that may occur from use of this info/downloads here on this Forum. (Ymlite.me) Reserves the right to delete, modify or supplement the
content of this site; including the content of this legal notice, at any time.
By signing up to be a member of this forum

Thanks and please respect other members.

By joining ymlite web forum — becoming a member of it, you can get the source code of ymlite, download links to the latest ymlite, download ymlite skin from skin galerry and many more.

Download YmLite Installer Full at memorialgreen
(base on ymlite.me)

Free YmLite download at MediaFire: Download YmLite
Free YmLite download at Rapidshare: Download YmLite
Free YmLite Full R4 download at 4shared: Download YmLite

ps: Image from http://chat-clients.com/images/yl/ymlite-logo.gif