Y!TunnelPro & a Little Note about it

If you are our blog reader and also had good experience on using varied of Yahoo Messenger clients, you might noticed that we never discuss some chat client that sound familiar in your mind. For example, Y!TunnelPro / YTunnel Pro.

Y!Tunnel Pro is one of popular integrated chat client of Yahoo Messenger (works with official yahoo messenger client, it also can be named as YM tweak / YM enhancement) that gain many of YM users. Indeed, it has some good feature (flood filtering, ignore list, spam filter, font effect, chat room enhancement, etc). The question is, Why we never share or review about this Chat client? The answer is simple, it because, officially, you only able to use Y!TunnelPro if you buy from the owner. It’s not a free yahoo tool software.

Paid Chat client of Yahoo Messenger, in our opinion is seemly useless. It because you can get all the features that they can provided, just by using free Yahoo Messenger Chat client, even you can get better protection by using free client than using paid chat client.

For example, we the YSupra or Yahaven, provided better ability to protect you from boot attack / flooding or spamming on comparison to Y!TunnelPro.

Therefore, don’t spend you money just to buy a chat client! And it will be miserable also, if you spend you penny of dollar just to buy ‘boot software’ (You are a looser if doing this!)