How to Downgrade your Yahoo Messenger?

Just a minute ago, our friend told me that he recently updated his Yahoo! Messenger 10 to the version (he used Windows XP Service Pack 2), and the reported to us that after using that version he faced some problem such as his Instant Message text didn’t sent properly to his friend. He used Yahoo Messenger Version that works smoothly before he get the updated to After facing the problem using 1270 he ask us on How to Downgrade Yahoo Messenger from version to version Here are the answer of his question that we suggested to him:

Downgrade Yahoo Messenger

Downgrading Yahoo Messenger

  1. First just uninstall the Latest version of Yahoo Messenger that you used (currently version that you wanna downgrade)
  2. Download the right version (that you been proven work well in your Computer) Offline Installer / StandAlone Yahoo Messenger (just search in this blog if you don’t know the Offline Installer download link)
  3. After Installer or YM version been downloaded, just click the exe file to begin Installing those version. Done

For example Downgrading form YM 10 version to version

  1. Uninstall YM version
  2. Download YM Version Stand Alone Offline Installer at here
  3. Open the Installer file. Installing the YM and Do the Rest!

Downgrading from Yahoo Messenger 10 to Yahoo Messenger 9
Do the same as above:

  1. Uninstalling the latest version Yahoo Messenger 10 of yours
  2. Downloading the Offline Installer of Yahoo Messenger 9 at here
  3. Do the Rest

Conclusion: You can do the downgrading proccess on All Version of YM such as YM 9 to 8 or YM 10 to 8 and others. Remember you must use the OFFLINE INSTALLER of YM to make you able to downgrade the Yahoo Messenger