Download Yahoo Messenger 7 Old Version

[Note: on September 30th 2009 Yahoo Messenger below 8 version including 7 and 6 version would be no longer working We suggest you to use the latest version of Yahoo Messenger, such as YM 9 or YM 10 or YM 8]For special reasons such as your Computer Operating System not supported with the latest Version of Yahoo Messenger (Recently Version 9 Final), we need to use old version Yahoo Messenger. For example, if you run with Windows 98 or ME, you might need to use Yahoo Messenger Version 7 or lower. As we knew Version 7 can be categorized as YM Old Version. Some Yahoo Tools Applications might be not work with the latest Version of YM, that why you should use the Older Version of Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger 7 Version History

What we means when we said Version 7 in this article is include all of YM 7 series Version. We don’t care if its YM V, YM V, YM V, YM V, YM V, YM V or else. All would be called as Yahoo Messenger 7 Series or just YM 7 Old Version.

Download Yahoo Messenger Version 7

As We all knew it, Yahoo Messenger is Freeware. That why we can download and use it free. Because of the link that We will give you came from 3rd party Website Sharing, please make sure it save for your computer by scan it first with you antivirus protection software:

Free Download YM Version 7 V7.5.0.814 at Rapidshare : Download
Free Download YM Version 7 V7.5.0.814 at MediaFire: Download

ps: Yahoo and Yahoo Messenger logo are registered trademark of Yahoo. Inc.