Find Get IP Address of Yahoo Messenger Users (Someone) – Quick Tutorial

Actually, We ever read full of Tutorial how to find IP Address of YM users aka Yahoo Messenger Username through IM in here. This post only quick tutorial of getting and knowing IP Address on Yahoo Users

Find IP Address of Yahoo Messenger Users

  • Make and Instant Message with User aka Target
  • Send a Webcam or Picture in IM Windows of Yahoo Messenger
  • Open Command Prompt Window (Start >> Run >> cmd)
  • In Command Prompt windoows type “netstat -n” or “netstat -a” (without quote!)
  • You’ll see IP Address Port of all your connection
  • Find Remote port 80 or 81
  • Get the Internet Protocol Address of that port
  • Done!


  1. ths says

    hello yeah the ports are actuali 5101 for file transfer
    and yeah it wotks great and if you get a smart ip tracker you can find even hes postal code or the net provider and then find hes home and enjoy kiking hes ass

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