How to Change Yahoo Language – Country Preferred Content – Yahoo Mail / Yahoo Messenger

change yahoo language

If you like to change your Yahoo language to from your default language to something else just go to the links below:

Change Yahoo Language Preferred Content

This would make you able to change to any language or content that you want. Sometimes changing your language make you unable to change back to normal by following the links on your yahoo profile page: Edit My Account >> Yahoo Account Info >> Edit (on Member Information, see the picture) (Personally I wrote this post because I got a problem changing my language from Korean to US English and the links that I give you above solve the problem)

change preferred content of yahoo

Available Language / Content: US English, UK English, Russian, Korean, Japan, Chinese, Asia, Australia, Colombia, Denmark, Deutschland / Holland / Netherlands, Chile, Brasil, Ireland, Malaysia, Philippine, New Zealand, Italy, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, India, Venezuela, Vietnam,

Choose the language / Preferred Content / Country that you want, that click “Finished” Button. Done

Trouble / Problem to change back profile to English Language

If you got a problem how to change back your yahoo language back to English, just click this link below:

Change Language of Yahoo to English

Just click the link above after your login to yahoo and it should be help you to change your language back to english. This problem seems sometimes happened when someone change their language to Chinese or Taiwan that they didn’t really know the language.


  1. Pat Thomas says

    How can continue to have yahoo in English? Many years of English and now all of a sudden I am also having to change back to English. What is going on and how can I get back to English without requesting to do so every time I open Yahoo?

  2. Soon says

    Hi Can you tell me how to switch from China Yahoo back to Yahoo English? I couldn’t find any language or region setting in China Yahoo?

  3. muhammad asif fecrat says

    hi I want to change my yahoo langauage from franch to english. I used messenger>preferences>catagory from rhe mean menu of yahoo messenger but I catn’t find there any langauage tab to change that and I got help from this site and also I can’t to change langauage I don’t know what is the proplem I used information step by step so now I need to help me because I don’t know franch I don’t want to use that thank a lot.

  4. Hank says

    Yahoo, your force of users into a local language based on ip address is the most ridiculous thing I’ve come across, well, equally…dumbasses at e-bay do it as well. However, at least e-bay has a button to point on back to English.

    Try a yahoo site in Hong Kong from a mobile phone…good grief.

  5. Moses says

    Thanks a lot; managed to change my language settings back to English!!! Very helpful!

  6. says

    My yahoo account is already in English, and that is good enough. I would like to have the yahoo browser page not in…NETHERLAND, but in the easy and all good that have, ENGLISH! Please, help!!!

  7. Marietta says

    I hope I can ask a question.
    You wrote that Deutschland / Holland / Netherland is available as Language / Content.
    I have been looking for Yahoo Deutschland (i.e. Germany) there, but I didn’t find it. There only is “Yahoo Nederland”, but I don’t speak Dutch and I would like to have all the sites in German.
    While Holland and Netherland are both names for the same country, Germany is another one.
    I hope you can help me! Maybe it just doesn’t exist in German, but it seems a bit unlikely, since so many other countries are available.

    I appreciate any help that is offered!

  8. hanmeng says

    Thanks a lot! I changed my page from English to Chinese, but couldn’t figure out how to change it back. This was so easy!

  9. gopi mulinti says

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am glad to say that your valuable information helped me out. I have changed my server from uk to china accidentally and all language was changed with it. I must say thank you very much for leaving this wonderfull information.

    Thanks & Regards


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