Sharp IP Getter Find Yahoo Messenger Internet Protocol

Image and video hosting by TinyPicSharp IP Getter is an application that has a purpose to find Internet Protocol of Yahoo Messenger through Instant Message Service. Whenever you chat with people in Yahoo Messenger Private Message or Instant Message, Sharp IP Getter will help you to find the real IP address of the current people or user that being chat with you. Sharp IP (Internet Protocol) Getter was developed and created by Www.Sharp-Soft.Net.

How to find IP address from Yahoo Messenger chat? How to find ip address of a person in yahoo messenger? how to get ip in yahoo messenger? how to find ip address from instant message in yahoo messenger?. Those all questions might be ask from people who wanna know how to get ip address from yahoo messenger.

Actually there is a simple steps using command prompt windows to find ip address from chat in yahoo messenger, but this is not the good time We give you that such ways, to get ip of Y!M, because without that steps, with Sharp IP Getter you already knew how to look for the IP address of a user or people in yahoo messenger.

How to use Sharp IP Getter

Just run the software and instantly you will see a list of IP address in the software. That IP address should be the one / people who chat with you. If you are unable to see the IP, make sure you send a file or image aka photo to the target and the IP address of the target will rise at Sharp IP Getter.

Download Sharp IP Getter

As long as we understand Sharp IP Getter is a free software. This meant you do not have to buy or paid this software to download and use it. Below is the download link of Sharp IP Getter.

Sharp IP Getter in RapidShare: Download Sharp IP Getter (be wise, someone reported that it has a trojan on it. Don’t download and use it if you don’t want to harm your computer)

ps: Yahoo! and the Yahoo! Messenger logo are registered trademark of Yahoo, Inc