Trace Find Know Grab Get IP Address in Instant Message Yahoo Messenger

You may notice that the title of this post too SE oriented. We use Trace IP, Find IP, Knowing IP and Grab IP Address. All those synonym have same meaning: How we know the Internet Protocol Address of a buddy or user friends via Instant Message of Yahoo Messenger. If we get their IP address, that mean we can know where he came from. Of course we can not make sure whether the IP address is their real Address or just a Proxy. But, at least we know their IP used to connect in Yahoo Messenger.

They are two step how to trace or find IP address of a friend in IM of YM: Manually and Automatically. IF you want to use software or automatic software to grab IP or knowing IP just try to use Sharp IP Getter. If you want to use manual ways, follow my instructions below:

First open your command prompt windows through Start menu then All Program then Accessories then Command Prompt. Or you can just open it via Run cmd Command.

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After that Login to Yahoo Messenger and make an Instant Message with one of your friends. and this it the IMPORTANT thing that you must do: Send them a File! or Make Cam to Cam or Share Picture. This will make you and your friend connected via Peer to Peer. Peer to Peer allow us to know or see each others IP. The next question? How we know their IP that use Peer to Peer. That why we open Command Prompt and with a little task we can find their IP.

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Type in the Command prompt a code command neststat -n or netstat -a (note: between netstat and -n or -a is spacing character) . If you want more detail about the info type netstat -anvb command. This will show all the connection that came to us. Then all you need to do just find the correct IP. Usually the IP for Peer to Peer use remote port 80 or 81 (File Transfer), Port 5100 (Webcam), Remote Port 5000 or 5001 (Voice Chat). Note: Remote Port might change time to time.

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  1. Anastasia says

    I tried this and it wont work. I just get a lot of numbers that dosnt make any sense. And on some other site i read that you are also suppost to put in nslookup. is that so? And with all them numbers, how am i suppost to know wich one it is i need? Im trying to get an ip from msn messenger. Thank you for a fast and good reply.
    P.S also tried using currports. but it didnt work either.

  2. nomi says

    hi firends its not netstat -n or -a its netstat -b when u online with ur victims id just send a file aur share ur photos in that moment close ur all websites and data trasnfer sites just chat with him and go to start run type cmd and then netstat -b in between trasfering files in cmd the established connection will be showed like yahoo.exe thanku

  3. says

    The trick you mentioned ( netstat -n or netstat -a) for finding the IP address of your chat friend will not work untill he or she accept a TCP/IP connection with his/her computer. Because netsta command tells the active TCP/IP connection only.

    Tell them to accept the file sharing and if they accept it ,good we can track their IP address.

  4. chatmania says

    If you use Peer to Peer Connection that should be works fine… Peer to Peer means there is build Computer to Computer that would make you able to detect the IP address of the target…

  5. ravi says

    dude……..every thing useless…….need to change the content….because netstat -n and -a shows the connection of the server to which ur PC is connected and not the IP address of the person to which ur PC is connected….

  6. kumar says

    how to find out messages which i received onemonth back i want to see the all mesages immidiatlly
    then how to find out the chatting mesages
    which ip address it will comming
    pls give me sulution of that one

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