Make a Chat in FaceBook using Yahoo Messenger Account

As most of internet user knew, FaceBook is the largest social networking on earth. Even we can make an IM or chat by login in the FaceBook using FaceBook Chat. But, how about if We told you that by using your Yahoo ID you can also make a chat directly from FaceBook Page of yours? Yes, right know there is an chat client of Yahoo Messenger application that available to be embedded or attached in FaceBook chat. Yes, right know PingBox (Yahoo Messenger application that can be embedded in your blog or web and make a chat with your visitor from there) is available in FaceBook application.

How to use Yahoo Messenger and make a chat in FaceBook page

All you have to do just install the Yahoo Messenger PingBox FaceBook Application and then you can login from there. Just like the way you login using official Yahoo Messenger in your computer desktop.

For short explanation from official yahoo messenger blog, below we quoted for you:

Now you can put a Pingbox on your Facebook profile, and visitors to your page can IM you without having to download or sign into Yahoo! Messenger. The same customization tools are available in the Facebook version, so you can personalize your online and offline greeting, choose from dozens of designs, and if you wish, require your visitors to give themselves a nickname before they can IM you. With the Pingbox app, your friends can IM you from your profile page even when you’re not on Facebook.

Install Yahoo Messenger PingBox in FaceBook


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