New Yahoo Messenger Emoticons Shortcut Key Code (11 / 11.5 or Web Mail YM)

I knew this change quite long ago, but I decided to wrote it at this time. You might already knew that there are some additional newest Yahoo Messenger Emoticons available right now, especially if you are using Yahoo Messenger via Yahoo Mail aka Yahoo Web Mail Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger Emoticons New on Yahoo Web Mail Chat

Here are some of them that I could found.

New Yahoo Messenger Emoticons

~^o^ cheer
~’@^@||| dizzy
[]— cook
^O^||3 eat
:-(||> give up
‘+_+ cold
:::^^::: hot
o|^_^|o music
:puke! puke
o|\~ sing
o|:-) catch
[]==[] exercise
:-)/\:-) high five
:(game) gaming
‘@-@ search me
:->~~ spooky
?@_@? studying
:(tv) watch tv
&[] gift
%||:-{ unlucky
%*-{ down on luck
:(fight) fight

This emoticons works on Yahoo Messenger 11.5, Yahoo Messenger 11 and even Yahoo Web Messenger via Yahoo Mail.

Limit number of Emoticons in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger Emoticons Limit

I copied and pasted all the new emoticons above and noticed that some shortcut keys didn’t turn to “animation icons”. It due to the limit number of emoticon that can be used only 15 emoticons. See the image above.


  1. says

    Hello, I have a question in reference to getting up and going using yahoo messanger for chatting. I have only available a motorola motocubo A45E cell phone. I do have internet service as well and also already have the yahoo messanger app on it. I can get on yahoo messanger site but can not find anywhere on there of it giving me the words, “yahoo chat”, “join a room” or “enter chat” either one. So with that in mind, what am I doing wrong or what am I lacking? Thank you. David

  2. ady says

    Please give me solution, why i can’t send emoticon of newest yahoo messenger. I have choosen any emot from emot tab, but when i hit enter or click send, it can’t be sent. Thank you in advance

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