Online Yahoo Messenger 11 Message Archive (Conversation History Access it in all PC supports) Import

We noticed that right know there is one new features that available on Yahoo Messenger 11: Message Archive now became available in Yahoo Server Online. This also means that you can access all your message archive in all computer without whenever you Login with Your Yahoo Messenger.

Importing Message Archive to Conversation History Online Yahoo Messenger 11

All you need to do just (if you had an offline Message archive (local host in your pc), is importing the current Message Archive to the newest version Online Message Archive. You’ll be prompted to perform this steps in the first time you uses Yahoo Messenger 11 Final Version, otherwise you can do it later by visiting: Contacts > Conversations History or press Alt + Shift + V simultaneously.

Here are the look of Conversation History of Yahoo Messenger

Conversation History of Yahoo Messenger

The good news is, id offline old version of Message Archive, there is no search / find features, but in this New Conversation History you can search the message by keyword just like the ways you search of find in email. The design User Interface also look likes Yahoo Mail.

Of course to do able to view your Conversation History Archive Message, you need to connect to the Internet. Broadband connection is fully recommended.