Portable Yahoo Messenger 10 Free Download

Portable Yahoo Messenger 10

If you looking for a software of Yahoo Messenger 10 (Official Client) that would portable without need to make an installation process in your computer and you can bring it out with portable devices such as flash disk and run it just an instant (plug the portable devices, click the Portable YM 10 Application).

Features in Portable Yahoo Messenger 10

Just like desktop YM 10 client, the features in Yahooo Messenger 10 Portable including, Contact List, Chat Room, Conference, Webcam and Voice (Video Call) and more.

Free Download Portable Yahoo Messenger 10 (Final)

You can download at the link here (version Otherwise if you prefer to use older version of Portable Yahoo Messenger (such as version 9 or version 8) due to some reason (such as you computer is older enough that you can’t run the version 10) you can get it the portable Yahoo Messenger 9 and 8 at here. Enjoy!