Avoid Getting Flooding Attack in Yahoo Messenger – Boot Protection

Getting Flooding PM or IM or any kind of attack in Yahoo Messenger is make use bother, make bad mood emotions, and of course in the fatal accident, we got disconnected or even our computer stuck and hang! What a problem! Flooding in Yahoo Messenger sometimes also known as Yahoo Boot Activities. To protect from being booting or flooding usually the Yahoo Messenger users use Anti Boot Software or Chat Client that has Boot or Flooding Protection.

But Avoid Getting Flooding Attack in Yahoo Messenger sometimes is not hard as we though. Our experience told us that we don’t even need to use any anti boot or any kind of third party chat client. All we have to do just STAY in SAVE POSITION / CONDITION.

Avoid Getting Flooding with Good Behavior

For us, almost 1 years from the last flooding that we got, until right now, we never get any kind of flooding in Yahoo Messenger. You must know that we only use official Yahoo Messenger that, you have to know it, not has much protection against bots flooding attack or any kind of flooding. So, what kind of “thing” that We use to avoid getting flooding?

The clue is:  We rarely join in Chat Room of Yahoo Messenger. And if we want to join Chat Room, we join in a friendly Chat Room that we usually joined in. That make us, know well some of the user (sometimes make a friendship)  that usually join the current Chat Room and. And of course we never use STRONG Language that usually make any others chat roomers angry or mad.

If you want to make sure 99% avoiding flooding, just don’t ever try to join chat room, and if we have to join chat room for some reasons, just don’t ever use strong language in there.

How this trick works?

If you are a roomer (a person who usually join chat room and make a chat in there), you should already knew that the Yahoo Messenger Chat Room usually full of person that ready to test their skill or yahoo boot tools to each other. That means the first attack of the lamers or booters, usually came when they are in chat room. Sometimes the chat room almost likes a battle fields that being used such a terror attack with two or more lamers groups user. Sometimes they also challenge each other to the full battle attack.

If we avoid join any kind of this chat room or we never join chat room, that should be enough to avoid of any kind of flooding.