Break Yahoo CAPTCHA By Pass Verification Image Visual Code

When we are want to join Chat Room of Yahoo Messenger we face a Verification Code that must be fulfill properly according to the Image or the Code before we finally got into Chat Room. This Verification Code Image usually called as CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA, stands for Completely Automated Plublic Turing test to Tell Computer and Human Apart, also implemented when we are Created Yahoo ID or Yahoo Bots. Even this blog comment also use CAPTCHA call as  reCAPTCHA – an enhancement of CAPTCHA Image code.


There are several way to by pass captcha. Its vary from OCR Optical Character Recognition until Human Resourcess. We knew captcha created to fight again bots and spam. In Yahoo Messenger its include Yahoo Spam Bots.

EZ-Gimpy and Gimpy, the CAPTCHAs that we have broken, are examples of word-based CAPTCHAs. In EZ-Gimpy, the CAPTCHA used by Yahoo!, the user is presented with an image of a single word. This image has been distorted, and a cluttered, textured background has been added. The distortion and clutter is sufficient to confuse current OCR (optical character recognition) software. However, using our computer vision techniques we are able to correctly identify the word 92% of the time

Read More About Breaking a Visual CAPTCHA here. For better understanding of Yahoo CAPTCHA just read the short quote article below from

Undoubtedly many of you were around before Yahoo! started requiring a user to type in a validation code before registering for an account. Ahh those were the good ole days. Of course since then every time you want to make a bot, you have to type the validation code in. This code is called a CAPTCHA and its main purpose is to stop bots. The specific form of CAPTCHA used by Yahoo! is EZ-Gimpy. I will let you do the research but the bottom line is this. It has been broken with a success rate of over 90%. That means that for every 10 bots you try, 9 of them will be valid. Two wonderful researchers at named Greg Mori and Jitendra Malik have already written code to break the CAPTCHA. The only problem is the code is for research only and is not in the wild

Yahoo CAPCHA Reason

Why Yahoo Implement Captcha in their Messenger Services. Just Read the Notification in the Join Chat Room CAPTCHA Page below

To help prevent spam and bots from disrupting your Yahoo! chat experience, please click here to verify your account (this link will open a new web browser window). This step is required before you can begin chatting

We know you hate spam and automated bots in chat rooms as much as we do. To help prevent them, please verify your account by typing the characters shown in the illustration into the text box below. Then click the Submit button. Upon verification, you’ll be allowed to join the room and start chatting.

We appreciate your help in making the Yahoo! chat rooms a safer place to hang out.