Yahoo Fake Login Form Yahoo Messenger Fake Login Window Password Phising

Yahoo Fake Login is a kind of Login Page that provide the same login page of Yahoo Messenger visually but they have a purpose to stolen the Yahoo Password and all the Identities of the owner or Yahoo Account. What we mean Yahoo Fake Login Form in the title above is the Fake Yahoo Website Page Login and What we mean Yahoo Messenger Fake Login Windows is like Yahoo Messenger Chat Client Window that similar with the official but actually only Fake Login.

Fake Yahoo Website Login Form

Like we said above Fake Yahoo Website Login Form is Fake Login that usually create to stole Yahoo ID and its password. This kind of activities also called as Web Phising aka Password Phising. Phising came from the word fishing. That would mean the creator want to fish password of the user of Yahoo including Yahoo Messenger Password. What the look like of web phising? Web Phising almost same with the Normal Login Yahoo but usually has little different or suspicious thing such as:

  1. The Url address of login yahoo looks suspicious. Usually we login to yahoo (normal and good way) has url like this or similar like this, but the fake login aka web phising usually has others url such as Look! The domain used a free domain and hosting services of yahoo in, and that very suspicious. We know yahoo never used that such of url address. Be ware if you found this kind of url!
    Normal URL LOGIN Yahoo!

    Bad Fake Login Yahoo!

  2. For better check, just go to the page source of the page. If you use Internet Explorer you can view it by right click on the page and view source. If you use FireFox, just right click and click View Page Source. Find <form tag and see action attribute, if you see, that should be OK, but if else such as (not that BAD.
  3. You get to login to Yahoo Messenger from suspicious source, such as email message, private message on Yahoo Messenger and else that telling you to change your password. Yahoo Never do that such of thing! Yahoo Never Ask you about to change your password!

Fake Yahoo Messenger Chat Client

Another way of Fake Yahoo is Fake Yahoo Messenger Client. This means the login client of Yahoo Messenger has been used to stolen your password instead of use normal way to chat or join Yahoo Messenger. This Fake Yahoo Messenger Client could be found look like or similar like Official Yahoo Messenger or Unofficial Yahoo Messenger such as Fake Login YahElite, Fake Yazak, Fake Yahaven and else. For better understanding, below we give you the example of Fake Yahoo Messenger.

Fake Yahoo Messenger Example: Download (Download this would make your antivirus warning that you install malicious software. This only example of Fake Login Yahoo Messenger, you should not use it at any reason!)