Deny a Buddy 3 – Yahoo Messenger Remove ID from Someone Else Messenger Buddy List

Image and video hosting by TinyPicWhat is Deny a Buddy? Deny Buddy is small yahoo messenger tools software that has a purpose to remove our ID from someone else Messenger Buddy List or Contacts List or Friends List. Why you should remove your ID from your Friends Buddies List? There are many reason behind that thing. One of them is you not want your friend knew that your are online or even make a conversation with you. If your ID disappear from their List, that means they cannot make Instant Message with you, especially, if they forgot your ID. Deny a Buddy sometime shorted by DAB.

We knew that Messenger List created to ease us to chat with our friends in the future. We knew that we can not remember all of our Friend ID. That the reason why Yahoo Messenger create Messenger Buddy List Feature. If our ID not exist in our friend messenger list, that mean they must try hard to remember our ID to make a chat with us. If you had a bad relationship with your friend, and did not want to talk with him anymore, you can use Deny Buddy software to remove your ID from their Lists.

Issue Relating Deny Buddy

According to adwarereport, some of the deny buddy sites software are reported as malicious software, usually scam sites. Masteraceman123, in his comment, also reported that Deny Buddy has triggers a Trojan Backdoor alert on Norton 2005. Its up to you whether you will use this software or not.

How to use Deny a Buddy

Make sure the targeted ID or your friend ID is on offline mode or not online (use Invisible Detector of Yahoo Messenger to make sure his/her is offline), and then just type the username or ID of your friend and the ID of yours that you wanna remove. And you know what to do next.

Free Download Deny Buddy

After you download this Deny a Buddy, make sure you scan this software with your antivirus before you run and use it. We not guarantee Deny Buddy that we will share to you are safe. As long as we understood, the latest version of Deny a Buddy is Version 3 or sometime calls as Deny a Buddy3 / DAB3. DAB is freeware.

Please tell us which one from two of Deny Buddy links below that contain a Trojan!? After you tell us about one of them, We’ll remove it as soon as possible.

Free Download Deny a Buddy 3: Deny a Buddy at Trolling (Please Read the comment by Trolling_Around before you scan with antivirus and download it)
Free Download Deny a Buddy 3 at Rapidshare: Removed (Torjan Detected)

If you insist to use Deny Buddy, We suggest you to use Yahaven Chat Client that has Deny a Buddy software in it, but we not sure it work properly or not.

New Deny Buddy Links (credited to viprasys): Please Report a link that contain malicious things:

YBuddy Controller (can be used as Deny Buddy): Download
YahKing Buddy Deny: Download | Download | Download
Free Download Deny a Buddy: Deny Buddy at SnapDrive
Free Download Deny a Buddy: Deny Buddy at 2Shared 1
Free Download Deny a Buddy: Deny Buddy at Rapishared
Free Download Deny a Buddy: Deny Buddy at YourUpload 1
Free Download Deny a Buddy: Deny Buddy at 2Shared 2
Free Download Deny a Buddy: Deny Buddy at Yourupload 2
Free Download Deny a Buddy: Deny Buddy at KeepMyFiles

You can also try to use DenyBud Software.

Lack / Bug in Deny a Buddy Yahoo Messenger List ID Remover

It seems that the deny a buddy software only capable to remove the ID on the Messenger List of Yahoo Messenger Clients. Someone reported that by using Yahoo Mail Chat / IM (make a chat or IM under eMail Client) the ID that should be removed still in the Contact List.

Deny Buddy On The Web

Recently We noticed that Some of Yahoo Invisible checker on Web Base has added a Deny Buddy Yahoo Messenger Tool. We don’t tested yet about this features, but you can try it. One of these site is

Open and click the Tab Feature Deny Buddy on the top of the page and then you can use to remove your id from friends list (Untested by MessengeRoo yet)

Remove Friends ID from your contact list of Yahoo Messenger

If you means that you want to know how to remove Friend ID on Your Contact List or Delete it, you can read our tutorial below:

Delete Remove Friends ID on Contact List of Yahoo Messenger – Tutorial


  1. Deny a Buddy FAIL says

    I found a deny a buddy download link @

    But I couldn’t get it to freaking work, even when I registered the ocx files that it came with. This is hopeless. Deny a buddy programs used to work a couple of years ago, but I wonder if they stopped working because of a Yahoo update. Hell if I know. I’m so freaking pissed. I just want to get my name off of some peoples friends lists. Whats the harm in that?

  2. Menosh says

    Don’t use,its scam.
    They send mass PM to all of your add list auto and also don’t remove victim ID!Shit!

  3. no0ne much says

    just to say norton autp blocked”y_buddy_denied!”-id just got from rapidshared link-im drunk too

  4. yue&me says ur remove a buddy is not working! i tried few times on my other Y! ID, but unfortunately nothing happened! are you saving passwords?

  5. bubbette says


    does this program send a message out letting the people know you have attempted this? i ask because of this.

    them123 (7:22 AM): Hello bubbette… was this meant for me?
    them123 (7:22 AM): myid123: Detect invisible Yahoo IDs in “w w w . v i z g i n .c o m” (from myid123) . (you can also remove yourself from others’ addlist with this site) myid123: Detect invisible Yahoo IDs in “w w w . v i z g i n .c o m” (from myid123) . (you can also remove yourself from others’ addlist with this site)

    very embarrassing to say the least. :(

  6. Mihai says

    Hello there,

    How does one start this program ?
    I downloaded it from 3 sources..yet after clicking it..the name appears in task manager..and then..paf..vanishes.

    What else do I need to have installed to get it running ? (like some runtime files, etc)

    Can you help ?

  7. patrick says

    are there updated versions of buddy deny ive tried sevral from as late as last year none have worked

  8. shawn says

    Scan type: Auto-Protect Scan
    Event: Threat Found!
    Threat: Trojan Horse
    File: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\Y! Denier1.exe
    Location: Quarantine
    Computer: KEYSREALM
    User: Owner
    Action taken: Quarantine succeeded : Access denied
    Date found: Monday, August 24, 2009 2:19:32 PM……This came from Snapdrive website >.< REMOVE IT….

  9. tania says

    doesn’t work. i tried using on one of my accounts. when i logged on to the other account, my first account is still there.

    help someone!

  10. SoS says

    Hi Trolling_Around, i downloaded DaB3, but it wont work, when i opened the application, it immediately said this:

    Rejection Message: You have been rejected by Trolling_Arounds DaB3

    i tried to log in and type a Target ID, but wont work.

  11. cybersupam says

    The best software existing for yahoo messenger users…no virus, no trojan……….EVERYTHING OK!!!

    certified by CYBERSUPAM

  12. mandz says

    1. if am ignore to other YM users.,. can i remove it remotely,, any program for that

    2. using forgotpassword on i can go back to orignal date of birth, zip code and 1 secret question only.,. is ther any way,, c

  13. yue&me says

    To Trolling_Around

    i have used your new deny a buddy software. i think your old software is better than this updated dab3. why? i tried to delete my id on my other Y! id and it didn’t work. it took me few times to delete it. my friend also encountered that prob too. so meaning there is a possiblity that even if we use your updated DAB3 there is no assurance that our id was already deleted on someone else’s. maybe try to figure out what’s wrong. and is there a posibility or can u add on that software where your id is also deleted from heir address book without the noticed if they are goin to keep it or not? or you can delete yourself whether they are online or not WITHOUT notice that you don’t like them to keep you on their list.

    thank you! just keep up the good work! ^_^

  14. Sam Art says

    I have a mast buddy deny through this you can deny mass id
    PM me at yahoo messenger

  15. yue&me says


    i’ve been using the deny a buddy for few weeks now and it really works BUT just today i was wondering why i received a message from someone else that i have already deleted i tried to ask if what messenger he is using and he told me it’s the messenger on his email. since i have 2 Yahoo ID, i tried to logged in on the yahoo mail which has a built-in messenger and the deny a buddy software doesn’t work. even if you have already deleted yourself from someone else’s list if they are using the messenger on their email, u still appear online to them. maybe try to make a solution for this so it would be really a successful one. try it to believe it.

    hoping you’ll have new version for the deny a buddy.

    good luck!!!

  16. suhbah says

    failed to load “YWAP” from. Your version of may be outdated. Make sure you are using the vision of control that was provided with your application

    why out word above after I make installation

  17. fay800 says

    here’s a follow-up.. I had pause my antivirus and DaB3.exe worked perfectly! :) Thanks for this trolling :)

  18. fay800 says

    Hey trolling, I tried to download DaB3.exe but avast anti virus always prevents it.. I dont know what to do :)

  19. bakwas says

    this program is clean.. and it works too.. i have 2 pcs.. one with the latest update of ESET Nod32 antivirus where it worked like a charm without any errors.. the other with the latest version of kasperskey antivirus.. here though the antivirus gave no virus warnings the program itself did not work with the warning that the software was outdated.. must be someissue with kasperskey i suppose as it classifies programs as low security settings/trusted settins etc.. hope this helps others wanting this great piece of software.. also noticed that the software connects to the yahoo server only though other users may verify that.. also i trust the maker of this software is not misusing the yahoo passwords if at all he is getting them.. all in all i think this is a great piece of software if u hav to remove ur id from someones list

  20. george says

    does not work, says Authentication Failed, incorrect ID. I have tried many names with no prevail. good luck

  21. says

    Hi there,

    The version of DaB3 at is safe. Although some virsus checkers will falsely declare it as having a virus.

    Since I wrote it I should know ;-) The MD5 of the DaB3.exe sitting in my projects folder is:


    the MD5 of the DaB3.exe at the link above is:


    Therefor the file on my site is the same as a copy that I freshly compiled from the sourcecode.



  22. angelwiingz says

    Both of the downloads have trojans in them. Need to find a better source for ur download

  23. chatmania says

    @d4rk_r4v3n35: which one? We’ll remove it! At least tell us first, which download link that contain a Trojan? Both of them?

  24. chatmania says

    Which one that you noticed has a Trojan Backdoor? From Rapidshare or Throling download link or both of them? But, Thanks for the report. It’s up to you guys whether you use or not this Software.

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