DenyBud – Yahoo Messenger ID Friends Buddy List Remover

We ever gave you Yahoo Messenger Tools that has a purpose to allow you to remove your ID / Username from others Buddy List of your friends that called as Deny a Buddy. At this time, We would other give you Messenger ID List Remover called DenyBud.

DenyBud – Yahoo Messenger Buddy List Remove

DenyBud is Yahoo Tools that would allow you to remove your ID from your friends Buddy List. That why its call as Deny Bud: to deny (a) buddy(ies). It’s quick and easy. Remember you have to ensure that your friend that you want to remove your ID from his/her Messenger Buddy List is Offline. To make sure they are actually offline or just invisible or online, you can use Yahoo Invisible Checker.

Notification / Warning!

Personally, We not tested this software works properly or not. If this DenyBud is not working just try another software here. For some virus scanner, its said that this Yahoo Tool is malware. It seems only false scanning.

Free Download DenyBud

You can download DenyBud Id Remover at the link below:

Free Download DenyBud: Download

How to Use DenyBud?

Simply enter your Yahoo ID / Username with its password on it, and the ID of your friends that you wanna remove your ID from his Messenger Buddy List. Push Enter / Remove. Done