Download Yahoo Multi Messenger 8.x and 9.x

Y Multi Messenger

Actually, this article only the result of our rewriting on the old article discussing Multi ID of Yahoo Messenger or sometimes it also called Polygamy ID Yahoo. Therefore, the content of this article almost the same with the old article. Let continue. Today, We would like to write about one of Yahoo Messenger Tools called Yahoo Multi Messenger or just called Y! Multi Messenger.

What iis Yahoo Multi Messenger?

Yahoo Multi Messenger is a tools or tweaks that would allow us to open Yahoo Messenger (official chat client) not only one windows but multiple windows login screen. That means we can online with more than one ID of Yahoo. Such as if you have three Yahoo ID, you can use Y! Multi Messenger to open 3 Yahoo Messenger at the same times, and then login with all of 3 ID at once.

Yahoo Multi Messenger 8.x

Yahoo Multi Messenger 8.x means that the software or Yahoo Tool Multi Messenger has a purpose to open Multiple YM at the version of Yahoo Messenger 8 and all of the version 8.x.

Yahoo Multi Messenger 9.x

Yahoo Multi Messenger 9.x is Multi Messenger that applied in Yahoo Messenger Version 9.

Download Yahoo Multi Messenger 9 and 8 Free

You can download Yahoo Multi Messenger 9.x and 8.x Free at the links that we give you below:

Download Y! Multi 8 & 9 | Mirror 1