Yahoo Messenger Fake Status Maker: Fake Idle, Fake Webcam, Fake Open Talk Icon

If we online using yahoo messenger, we can add the status of our online, such as when we online with webcam we can set the status to View My Webcam and in the right side of status message we can see the webcam icon shown up. If we away or didn’t not take an activities in Yahoo Messenger then the status message will shown the Idle icon and also show how long that has being idle. For status like that, we actually have to do the first primary condition (essential need or cause) before the status will shown. If we want to show webcam icon we must first use our webcam. The question is how if we can make that such status without need primary cause?

Yes, you have the right track opening this page. You can do make a  Fake Webcam Status with a software called as Yahoo Messenger Fake Status Maker. With Fake Status Maker, that we will give you, you can make Fake Idle icons, Fake Webcam icons, Fake Open Talk, Fake plugin or Fake headphones icon.

How to use Yahoo Fake Status Maker

According to official page of Fake Status Maker, you have to login to Yahoo Messenger with Remember my ID & Password checked. Then you can use this Fake Status Message Maker by check the Fake Status in the software. Its simply and easy.

Compatibility of Fake Status Maker

Fake Status Maker work well in Yahoo Messenger Version 6, 7 or 8. We not tested in Yahoo Messenger 9 but, It is seemly work also in this 9 Version. ASCII character status message also work properly. And finally it is Free.

Manual Webcam Fake Status on Yahoo Messenger Version 7

You can also make Fake Webcam Status through manual way. Just go to Status Message of Yahoo Messenger and create whatever Status message that you want. For webcam status message default just write View My Webcam. Then after you write that status do like this: press alt + 0160, release it and hold and press alt + 0160 again. Now release again. Then click ok or press enter. Now you have fake status webcam icon right next before you status message created manually. Remember, this trick only apply at YM Version 7.

Free Download Fake Idle and Webcam Status Maker

You can download Fake Status maker at here. As long as we understood, this Status Maker is free to use and share. Hope you enjoy it. You can also download another software of Fake Status Maker below:

Free Download YM Fake Status Maker at Rapishare: Download

Yahoo Status Magic YIM-StatusMagic

If the software fake make of ym above did not work properly, you can also try to use Yahoo Status Magic /YIM Status Magic. This Tools would help you to make fake idle, fake webcam, fake voice, fake song and more. (thanks for jane)

Download YIM Status Magic at 4shared: Download (25KB)

YIM Status Magic works properly in Yahoo Messenger Version 9 or in Yahoo Messenger 8

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