Yahoo Archive Decoder – Get Grab History Message Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Archive Decoder is a software that will help us to view offline messages history stored in Message Archive of Yahoo Messenger. We knew that Message Archive is a feature on Yahoo Messenger that has capability to save all the conversation going in Instant Message that been done before. This include a list of Friends ID, time when we made Instants Message,  and the message that we been done in the past.

What different between Yahoo Archive Decoder and Archive Message?

Yammy Archive Decoder

Yammy Archive Decoder

To open and read the history message of ours, normally we need to login first to Yahoo Messenger, but with Yahoo Archive Decoder without need to login or online we can read all of the archive message. It is include all  archive message of all ID that been used Yahoo Messenger in the computer. And, Amazingly, we don’t even need to use our password or ID. Its will be done by Message Archive Decoder. This means also you can get and grab all the message from yourself or your friends that save in local hard disk.

Download Yahoo Archive Decoder

YahDecode Message Archive Decoder

YahDecode Message Archive Decoder

Below we give you two example of Yahoo Archive Decoder: Yammy and YahDecode. Please make sure its save with your computer by scan it first with your antivirus. As long as we knew, Yammy and YahDecode are GPL / GNU and freeware software.

Download Yammy Yahoo Archive Decoder: Download
Download YahDecode Yahoo Archvie Decoder: Download

ps: Yahoo! and the Yahoo! Messenger logo are registered trademark of Yahoo, Inc


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