Yahoo Messenger Mic Locker Voice Locker Microphone Locker

Image and video hosting by TinyPicIn our opinion, Yahoo Messenger Chat Room has provided a great features that make our chat more sophisticated than ever before. Beside the basic feature of Messaging Service such as text conversation, we can also use Voice to make conversation or talk to each other in the current Room. Just like when we talking using handy talkie or HT, we must to push the talk button before we can transfer our voice talk to chat room. This mean, almost like in HT, only one person can talk at once, and the others can hears only his voice. If more user in chat room try to push the “green talk” button at the same time, in fact only one person voice can be heard in. Of course, we need an interface tool to transfer our analog voice to digital voice in Chat Room called as Microphone. We believe you have familiar with Microphone or sometime it’s word simplified as Mic.

Play Song MP3 Music in Chat Room

Yes, because we do can talk or make voice conversation, we can also play music or song in chat room yahoo messenger. You can play your favorite music or even the anthem of your country in chat room. Commonly, for newbie, they need to play the song through their microphone. This mean, they play mp3 song or others format of music file in their mp3 player or song player such as Windows Media Player or Winamp, when the output song that come from the speaker, they close their microphone on the speaker. This is the basic and manual ways how to play song or music in Chat Room. But, there is a simple way to do that job, even you do not need to install microphone at you personal computer or laptop.

Play Music Song in Chat Room Without Microphone

To play song from winamp to the chat room without Mic or Microphone, all you need to do just to run Yahoo Messenger Tool called as Microphone Locker or Mic Locker. You can directly play song from winamp to the current chat room with mic Locker.

Chat Client with Mic Locker Voice Locker

Some unofficial chat client of Yahoo Messenger such as Yahaven, YmLite, or Yazak have being attached the ability to lock mic at the chat room. This means those chat client already had a Mic Locker at their chat client.

Microphone Locker aka Mic Locker

We sure, you gonna ask us, where you can find that such mic locker software. Below We give you a bunch of Yahoo Messenger Mic Locker that you can download freely. Make sure before you run Mic Locker software, you scan the file software first. But, before we give you download link of YM Mic Locker, it’s better for you to know how to use Mic Locker Software.

How to Use YM Mic Locker aka Voice Locker

Most of the Mic Locker can be use to Lock the Mic by dragging it into Green Button Talk in Window Chat Room of Yahoo Messenger. Make sure you have been playing the song in your winamp before you drag and lock the button talk of YM Chat Room. One of the Mic Locker software that we been used in some time only need to push or click the Lock button at the Mic Locker software without need to drag it. We didn’t test all the software. We can’t sure whether they will work properly on the Yahoo Messenger especially, if you use it at the different YM Version

Download Mic Locker

Hmm, do not patient to download Mic Locker? Here are the list of Mic Locker / Voice Locker software of Yahoo Messenger that can be downloaded freely. As long as we knew, all the Mic Locker listed below are freeware software or at least there are no prohibition to use its and share its. Remember! Scan its First with your Best AntiVirus Software!

Free Download Heretic Mic Locker at RapiShare : Download
Free Download YahLock Mic Locker at RapiShare : Download
Free Download Deep Locker at RapiShare : Download
Free Download My Mic at RapiShare : Download
Free Download Voice Locker Professional at RapiShare : Download
Free Download Chat Room DJ at RapiShare : Download

YMessy Mic Lock
Yahoo Lord Mic Lock
PG Mic Lock
YSock Mic LOck
Mac Locker

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