YCabby yvwrctl.cab yacscom.cab yuplapp.cab

Image and video hosting by TinyPicYCabby is application that will help us to download 3 major of cab files and install its automatically. Those 3 cab files was a file that need to be installed in the Operating System to support another applications relating of yahoo messenger software. YCabby consists of yvwrctl.cab (yvwrctl.dll), yacscom.cab (yacscom.dll), and yuplapp.cab (yuplapp.dll) files. Those 3 cab files will be needed by applications such as chat client of yahoo messenger in the purpose of running voice or webcam. YIntai, YahElite, and even official chat client of yahoo messenger, need all those 3 cab files. If its did not install in your computer, the application will not work. In YIntai, usually will make an error like “no such interface supported”, and for YahElite, the webcam viewer and YahSee and YahVox not work properly. YCabby is created and developed by David J. Binette, that also create YahElite chat client.

YCabby currently consists of 3 download link of yvwrctl.cab, yacscom.cab, and yuplapp.cab:


Actually, you do not have to download and install YCabby if you able to download each file at the url above and then extract its and install its. Remember, to install those files all you need to do just right click on the setup file and click install.

At the third download url file at yuplapp.cab, you may notice the error download messange in YCabby like this:

HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found
Download failed, will retry in 5 seconds

For individual download at http://chat.yahoo.com/cab/yuplapp.cab, you may notice that the url not found or missing. This mean you need to change the yuplapp.cab url address into the available one. Below is the yuplapp.cab url that can be used to replace http://chat.yahoo.com/cab/yuplapp.cab:


If you using YCabby, just replace the original yuplapp.cab url link to that We give you above. Now run You YCabby again, and YCabby will work properly without any message error again. If you try to download each file individually and installed manually, just download yuplapp.cab file through your Internet Browser, then extract its and install its. For YCabby you must replace like this in url box:


Download YCabby:

As We said above, YCabby only and installer and downloader. You can do what YCabby do by download each files cab individually from your Internet Browser and install its manually. But, If you insist or like to make its easy just run YCabby. Below We give you YCabby download link:

Download YCabby at Rapidshare: Download YCabby
Download YCabby at MediFire: Download YCabby

ps: Yahoo! and the Yahoo! Messenger logo are registered trademark of Yahoo, Inc