YIntai is a History, “I terminate Y!Intai”

[Yintai is stil alive, New patch had appeared thru underground site. Enjoy!] Just wanna forward an announcement that Downstruck has Terminated YIntai (on August 15th 2009). This means, no more update about this software. If you face that your Yintai didn’t work, that means you no longer had any solution from the owner / creator of YIntai. Here the farewell note from the author:

Yo, Mamen!

Are you expecting an announcement? Well, here we go.

Almost five years, Y! Intai had been adding excitement to Yahoo!
Messenger. Many of users around the world always run Y! Intai next to
the messenger. Now, Yahoo! made a major change their system that
affect many softwares utilizing their service. The effective date is
today: 15 Agustus 2009.

So, since beginning of the warning I have decided: Y! Intai is a

Yes, mamen, no more update of future release of this software. It
doesn’t mean I could not update my code. In fact, the new code is much
simplier and no longer requires external library (DLL). It’s just
enough for me. My intention to sharpening my programming skills and an
effort to motivate my brothers in Indonesia to produce world-class
software is enough.

Thank you all who’d enjoy using this small software and I hope you got
all the fun. If somehow you still can run this software, then good for
you. If not, that’s how it should be.

As Kreator screams, “There’s no beginning without end”, I terminate Y!

What about the YIntai users response to this kind of “Dead of Y!Intai”? Just read one of replay message on the group mail of Y!Intai below:

First of all, let me thank you for the wonderful program you have
provided us with over the past few years. I haven’t found anything
that comes close to the functionality, ease-of-use, and usefulness of
your cam viewer. Thousands of your loyal users would be lost without
this piece of versatile software.

It’s a real shame that you’ve decided to terminate future development
and support for it though. Yes, I know – it’s your software and your
decision to do with it what you want.

However, since you wanted to motivate others, why don;t you pass the
code on to a few budding programmers, and let them continue
development and support of this wonderful program. That way, everybody
wins. You see your work used and enjoyed by thousands, the users
continue to use it, and your programmer friends continue to learn new
programming tricks and bug fixes, and can incorporate new features
into this program.

Anyways, thank you for your work and dedication over the years, and I,
and others, really hope you have a change of heart with your decision
for this program. (replay by belvedere_777)

Note: some users still able to use YIntai until this day, they suggest us to use Yahoo Messenger 7 along side with YIntai. Enjoy