Block Access to Yahoo Messenger Chat Room – Child Protection

Something wrong on WordPress CMS, This post has been disappeared recently that I can’t understand why this is happen. My older posts that I been recently made a little revision also got the same thing: It’s back to old text without no revision. I wrote this post because I don’t want you miss the “Tricks to save your children for better future”

We would tell you that, officially, Chat Room on Yahoo Messenger only available for a user that been 18 years or older (define by the Birthday on their Yahoo Profile, and it can’t be changed!). For Parent that care “what their children do” in the Instant Messenger Activities likes Yahoo Messenger, could be not worry because of it. Your children would got the Refused Error every time they tried to access Yahoo Messenger Chat Room because of their age were Under 18 years old. The Message Error usually “The Request was Refused“. But it simply can be handle by creating new Yahoo Account that has an age 18 years / older.

To handle those tricks that would allow your child to access Yahoo Chat Room just block their internet access directly from computer. You don’t need additional software to do that!.

The Idea was simple: just use host file on your windows to allow or not allow access to special site. Using host file would be very useful because it would make us able to handle what children allowed to do or not! Open your windows host file (read our tutorial to open host file here) with line like this:

By adding those line, that would your children never been able to join Chat Room anymore because the join room list would never be able to loaded. Now your children under your full Protection.

Note: this tricks can be “handle” only by using “tricky” thing that we wouldn’t share :)