Change Add Alerts & Sounds in Yahoo Messenger

When you receive a Private Message in Yahoo Messenger you usually heard a sound alert. When Someone from your messenger list is offline or online you’ll hear an alert sound. Alert sound would ring in many case such as Buzz Message, Receive SMS Message, Receive Yahoo Mail , Receive Voice Message, and many more. Then Can we change the sound alert? can we modify, add or customize the sound in Yahoo Messenger? The answer is Yes.

Change Yahoo Messenger Sounds and Alerts

You can modify your Sound of YM through Yahoo Messenger Preferences (in Yahoo Messenger 8). Go to your Yahoo Messenger Contact List window and Click Messenger then click Preferences then choose Alerts & Sound Tab. Yahoo Messenger  ~~>  Messenger ~~> Preferences ~~> Alerts & Sound

Choose the Alert me when “bla bla bla” then go to “Playing a Sound” click Browser to change the default sound to the new sound (you need .wav file to do this).

Change Sound via Explorer

You can also change the Yahoo Sounds and Alerts via Windows Explorer. Just like in Yahoo Messenger Preferences, all you have to do just replace the old one to the new sound (Ring Alerts) that you want. You need to open Program File >> Yahoo! >> Messenger >> Media >> RingTones

For safety, Remember to back up the old file before you replace them.