Fake Mobile Phone Messenger – Chat in Mobile Yahoo Messenger without Mobile Phone

If you have a mobile phone and want to chat in Yahoo Messenger, instead of using mobile chat client such as YmTiny, Mig33, eBuddy, or other, you can simply use Yahoo Messenger on WAP Mobile Phone Browser. To do that such messaging in Yahoo Mobile Messenger, all you have to do just visit with you phone browser (WAP Browser) and type url address of YM fo Mobile Phone at mobile.yahoo.com. Login in with you Yahoo ID and its password from mobile.yahoo.com and chose messenger option. Then you are ready to chat with your friends in Yahoo Messenger without even need to install chat client messenger on your mobile phone. Note: using this mobile messenger from WAP Browser Mobile Phone, you are unable to join chat room, conference, sending, make voice talk, or use a webcam. You only have text messaging features, change status message, and others unimportant features.

Chat in Yahoo Messenger Mobile without a Phone

Luckily, We found a trick that make you able like chatting in Mobile Phone using WAP Browser even you don’t have to chat from Mobile Phone. We can chat in mobile.yahoo.com using our desktop computer Internet Browser. That means we can chat in Yahoo Messenger without need a Mobile Phone. How to do that?

Mobile Chat Browser

First, We suggest you to use FireFox Browser. If you have FireFox than what the next step is install an add on that will make you able to browser WLM address (WAP Browser). Go to wmlbrowser firefox add ons, and install the add ons to your firefox browser. Then activated option wmlbrowser add ons options “sending information to web server” and “loading files from the filesystem” from wmlbrowser firefox add ons option.

Now, go to mobile.yahoo.com with your firefox. Login in. Choose Messenger. and Wow! now you are ready to chat in mobile messenger of Yahoo Messenger without need a Mobile Phone. So we call this tricks as Fake Mobile Phone Messenger.