Get & Grab Yahoo Messenger Avatar Display Image Someone Else Save

Yahoo Messenger Avatar is a Picture or Image that represent the owner of the avatar of yahoo Messenger user(s). At this time, We would give you a simple trick to grab the avatar of yahoo messenger from somebody else / someone else the get and save it to your storage disk in your local computer (desktop, PC an else). You can then use that avatar for your own avatar or just share with your friends.

As long as we knew, there are 4 ways we can achieve avatar grabber or yahoo avatar getter: User Manual Ways, Use Yahoo Avatar Grabber Application, Use Invisible Checker that provides avatar viewer, and then Use direct Link Avatar from Yahoo Servers.

Get Yahoo Avatar Manually

For Manual ways, just make a PM / Private Message or IM / Instant Message with the user that you want to grab his/her avatar. Then User Print Screen button of your keyboard. Paste to Image editor likes Paint or else. Then Crop it and Save it. Done.

Use Yahoo Avatar Grabber Application

There are a lot of software from the net that has a purpose to get and grab the yahoo avatar, usually, it called Yahoo Avatar Grabber. Just googling it and I hope you will find it.

Use Invisible Checker Website

Some of Invisible Checker Website has an ability to view the avatar of the users that want to detect they are online or invisible or offline. Just use one of them. For the example we use MessengeRoo Yahoo Invisible Checker site to grab the avatar of my friends.

Type the username and then press scan button. When avatar appears below the username, just right click on it and the save the image. Done

User direct Link manual of Yahoo Avatar User

The fast way and the easiest way is find the url of the image of the avatar is get directly from Yahoo Image Avatar Server. Do like this:

Open your Internet Browser and the type:

Change username into the ID or Yahoo User that you want to grab the avatar

The avatar would suddenly appears and you can save it by right click on the avatar image. Done.