Invisible Blank Nickname in Chat Room Yahoo Messenger

Update on November 2010: Yahoo Messenger Nickname no longer available

Understanding Invisible Nickname: Invisible nickname of Yahoo Messenger is a kind of trick that will make Nickname of Yahoo Username ID disappear or remain as a blank empty. This kind of trick usually use in Chat Room. For further understanding what look like of Invisible nickname is, just read my explanation and picture that We’ll give you below.

We have to understand that nickname can be changed unlimited times. This mean you can change the nickname whenever you want. Actually, this Invisible trick also need a knowledge how to change nickname ID of Yahoo Messenger. For complete tutorial how to change the Yahoo nickname just visit our article here. For the look like of Invisible nickname see the picture below:

invisible blank yahoo messenger nickname

As you saw at the chat room picture above, Invisible nickname will see like and white blank nickname in chat room list. Usually the blank or empty nickname only the smiley icon that can be seen in chat room list. For chat room text, the nickname also not included in chat room. Only the “:” that appear in the room (See the empty blank invisible nickname on the left of “Testing Invisible” blue text).

How to create Invisible Nickname

There are two ways to create Invisible Nickname manually. As long as we understood, you can make or create Invisible nickname by using “spacing” character and by using “empty” character text. Actually, you can also use software to make your nickname blank or invisible, but, for this time, We only give you easiest tricks to make Invisible nickname manually.

First go to change nickname page of your Yahoo Username. Then on the box the nickname you can add the “&” character. You can add as many as “&” at you nickname box, it will remain the same “invisible”. For example you add 4 times of “&”, and the nickname box would be “&&&&”. This is the first way how to make invisible nickname.

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Alternatively, you can also make invisible nickname by using spacing character. Go to change nickname page the on the box of nickname, give space character : press Alt+0160 orĀ  you can also press Alt+255. Then save you new profile with invisible nickname.

For better way to fix some bug problem relating with the first way ( using & character)–usually when you met another person who used the same method like you, the invisible nickname not work properly and reveal your real username in the colon–, you can combine those two methods into one. In the box nickname fill with “&” character and then give it Alt + 0160. Now your new nickname that been invisible ready to use.

Those methods can be used as a spacing nickname in front of your nickname. For this trick of spacing nickname We would give you at another separate article.

Invisible Nickname Compatibility

This trick only works if You are using official Yahoo Messenger at any version (6,7,8, or 9), but not working if you using unofficial chat client such as YahElite, YmLite, Yahaven, Yam or Yazak.

ps: Yahoo! and the Yahoo! Messenger logo are registered trademark of Yahoo, Inc