Protect Prevent Block Invisible Checker Detector Yahoo Messenger

Getting Checked or Detected when we are in Invisible Status by someone else using Invisible Status Checker Detector might be make us annoyed or bothered. We knew that using Invisible Status in Yahoo Messenger is the ways we don’t want to be bothered by anyone else. We set our status in Invisible Mode because of we don’t want to make a chat or conversation with anyone else or somebody else (we can set invisible status for only one person or one buddy, or all of users). Thus, the question is, “Is there any way we can prevent our self from being checked by someone else when we are in invisible status? How to Block Invisible Status Checker? How to Disable Invisible Status Detector? etc

Prevent Invisible Checker Block Invisible Detect / Anti Invisible Detector

There is one way we can block Invisible Status Checker Detector. We can use Alias ID of Yahoo Messenger as our MAIN CHAT ID. Main chat ID means that we send add friends and make a chat with others only using our Alias ID. The ability of Alias ID / Username that can be set to be inactive and active would be the best way to protect us from being checked by Invisible Status. But if you using MAIN or Primary ID (username that you register in Yahoo for the first time), you’ll never be able to inactive it. So, if you already use Main ID as your Main Chat ID, you better make new ID and add several Alias or Secondary ID and make it(s) as your Main Chat ID.

This means if you do not want Invisible Checker would detect you, you have to set your Alias Yahoo Messenger ID in “inactive” condition, and then release it again if you want to be active. Remember, Inactivate Alias ID would make your Alias ID paralyze and can not be used to make a chat. But you can use others Alias ID or your Main ID to chat normally without need to log in or re-login.

Sometime this trick also called as Yahoo Messenger Anti Invisible Detector

How to create Alias ID

To Create Yahoo Messenger Alias ID just read our article here.

How to Inactive and Active Alias Secondary ID

For Yahoo Messenger Version 8, You can inactive and activate you Alias ID Yahoo Messenger ~~> Messenger ~~> My Profiles ~~ > Inactive / Active ID. For better understanding just read our article here.

If you want to use Third Party Chat Client that has an ability to inactive or activate Alias ID, I suggest you to use YAM Chat Client or JAM Chat Client. If you use YaheLite Chat Client, All the Alias ID would be inactive and the remaining that you use to login that would be active (sound not good enough to use in this tricks)

You can also use Yahaven Chat Client to do this trick, but remember you have to activate Chat Shield when you are in chat room (need to join chat room of YM to use it)

Note: this alias ID options feature isn’t available in Yahoo Messenger Version 9 or in Yahoo Messenger Version 10, Please use Yahoo Messenger Version 8 to do inactive or activate Alias ID