Remove Block Disable Yahoo Messenger Auto Update Message

You knew or ever face that Yahoo! Messenger prompt automatically to download an update if the update available. If the update happen in 2 days the Auto Update Message will appears in 2 days. When you not update into the recent the Auto Update would always shown up every time you use Yahoo Messenger. This is very annoying. How to remove Auto Update of Yahoo Messenger or just to block or disable it? Here, We will give you fast solution.

Remove Disable and Block Yahoo Auto Update

Usually, the Yahoo Auto Update appears if you use old version of Yahoo Messenger such as Yahoo Messenger 7 or Yahoo Messenger 6. To disable it, there are two ways: Use Yahoo Messenger Auto Update Remover Software and Manual Block Yahoo Auto Update.

Manual Auto Update Blocker of Yahoo Messenger

Manual Solution to Remove Auto Update Pop – up Message is, just go to c:\program files\yahoo!\messenger\ and rename the yupdater.exe into whatever you want. For exampe rename it into updatestop.exe. This would make Yahoo Messenger fail to find the file and the auto updater would never prompt again.

Auto Update Software Remover

Just download Auto Update Remover of YM and the run it. Within a second they would make the auto update stop ever after. It is Free.

Free Download Yahoo Messenger Auto Update Remover: Download