Remove and Disable Ads of Yahoo Messenger 9 in Windows Vista

This is a simple tricks that should be working properly to remove Ads aka Advertisement of Yahoo Messenger 9 in Windows Vista. This tricks need an administrator of Windows Vista User.

First go to Folder Options in Windows Explorer: Open My Computer >> Organize >> Folder and Search Options. Then on View Tab, un-ceck the “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”. Note: sometimes this steps not needed.

Go to Start Program >> All Programs >> Accessories >> and right click on Notepad >> Run as administrator >> windows notification appears click “continue”

On the window of notepad application, click File >> Open

Then open the hosts file on the c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts . You should see hosts file in notepad open like this:

YM 9 Disable Advetisements

Then add one line on the hosts file with

The hosts file should be like this:

YM 9 Remove Ads Vista

Save the file by click on the notepad tap: File >> SaveThat woulds make the Ads in Yahoo Messenger 9 on your Windows Vista disable (Remove and disappears). See the Removed Ads Screen Shot Below:

Yahoo Messenger 9 Ads Removed

The Ads that would be disappeared: Banner Ads on Webcam, Banner Ads on Login to Chat Room, Chat Room Ads, and also the Main Windows of Yahoo Messenger 9 Advisement Banner.
Note: this tricks could make you YM plugin error and others features of Yahoo Messenger not working (such as loading chat room list).

If you wanna use chat room, just simply add favorite chat room before you add line on your file hosts and then you can join by clicking favorite room. If you wanna change the room just type /join canada:2 or other available chat room.

Suggestion from mr legman

Add in your file hosts with this line: