Tutorial Use Proxy in Yahoo Messenger

Why We should use Proxy in Yahoo Messenger? We use proxy in Yahoo Messenger due to some security reason or might just to protect your real Internet Protocol. For some cases, Your IP got banned by Yahoo, therefore you can not connect to Yahoo Server (this means you can’t use Yahoo Messenger). Yahoo Banned the IP of the user because of particular security reason, such as the IP suspiciously used to make spam, or flooding bots, or spreading any malicious software, or else. To handle this banned IP (usually if banned IP take temporary, 12 hours or 24 hours, but sometimes it can be permanently), from Yahoo, you can connect to Yahoo via Proxy. How to use Proxy in Yahoo Messenger? Here are the Tutorial:

Use Proxy In Yahoo Messenger

First, We use Yahoo Messenger Version 8 as an example and Windows Operating System. it can be different setting or ways, if you use another version of YM, especially YM Version 9 Final. Back to Tutorial. First You have to find or get a  proxy address that work properly.  You can use proxy grabber or proxy finder to find the proxy, or just googling it, then you can test it with Proxy Checker. But it is better if you use Private Proxy.

Then Just got to the Proxy Setting of Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo Messenger ~~> Messenger ~~> Preferences ~~> Connection ~~> Use Proxies

Then you can choose with one of your proxy server that you use. HTTP Proxies or you can use Sock Proxy. But make sure after you setting the Proxies Connection of Yahoo Messenger you also change the Connection setting of Internet Explorer Browser.

Internet Explorer ~~> Tools ~~> Internet Options ~~> Connections ~~> Settings

Then choose Use a proxy server fro this connection (These settings will not apply to others connections).

Make sure, the Yahoo Messenger Proxy settings is same as the Setting of Internet Explorer. Then you can use you Proxy to connect to Yahoo Messenger.

Using Register Proxy Windows

If you want to try a fast way to change your Proxy setting to connects to Yahoo Server of Yahoo Messenger you can visit the tutorial to make register file and how to use it here.

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