Yahoo Messenger Online Offline Checker

Image and video hosting by TinyPicNormally, We can check whether someone online or offline in Yahoo Messenger through our Yahoo Messenger List. We need to add the ID of someone in our Messenger List before we knew he/she online or not. If there are online we can see the yellow icon right beside her username or nickname is “alive”, on the contrary, we only see the gray icon of the user that indicated he / she is offline or not online. In this case, if they use Invisible Status when they are currently online, we notice that they are offline.

Without need add someone ID we actually can detect whether he is online or offline using Online Checker. This trick only use simple steps that has to be done manually. In fact, you can use Online Checker software to do this job, but its better for you to know how to check online or offline manually.

Manual Online Checker

Note: This is not invisible checker, this online simple online checker way. This manual online checker will has a result as same as like online checker in your Messenger List. For Invisible Status Checker you may need Invisible Checker software to do that.

To use manual online checker, all you need to have are Internet connection, Internet Browser such as FireFox, the registered Yahoo ID or Yahoo username and the last the Online URL Checker. To check whether someone online or not just replace [username] with Yahoo ID for URL below:[username]&m=g&t=0
This will show a yellow smiley if the person is online and gray if the person is offline or invisible.[username]&m=g&t=1
This will show up as a button with “Online Now” or “Not Online“[username]&m=g&t=2
This will show an image (125×25) with “I am Online send me a message” or “Not Online right now“[username]&m=a&t=0
This shows a text with “[username] is ONLINE or NOT ONLINE“[username]&m=a&t=1
This shows “00” if person is offline and “01” if his status is online.

Choose one of those url to check whether people online or offline, and then copy paste it in your url address of Internet browser. Within a second you will notice that the user online or offline. Simple and easy, isn’t it?

Use Online Checker Software

If you had a trouble using that trick, you have another alternative to use Online Checker software. Below one of the Online checker software that you may to download freely. Please make sure you scan with your anti virus before your run and use it.  Enjoy it

Download Online Checker: Download Online Checker

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