Join Chat Room in Yahoo Messenger Access Free Room

[Hot! Yahoo Chat Room no longer available] This is only short Tutorial how you can access Free Chat Room of Yahoo Messenger and Join in it. Remember you must 18 years old to make it able to join and access Free Yahoo Chat Room.

Access Free Chat Room in Yahoo Messenger and Join a Room

yahoo chat room

First Go to Yahoo Messenger Tab and click Messenger. Then navigate your cursor to Yahoo! Chat, and then Choose Join a  Room

Yahoo Messenger >> Messenger >> Yahoo! Chat >> Join a Room

Browse Yahoo Chat Room List and Menu

After you click Join a Room, a new Windows would appears. This new Window with caption “Join Room” is the Chat Room broad list that available for free. You can join whenever you want to all of the available Chat Room List. Choose the Category and in the Sub Menu Choose the Sub Category you want. After Yahoo! Room List appears, Choose the Room and double click on them or Click “Go to Room”

Loading a Chat Room

The Chatroom Loading would prompted after you click “Go to Room” and Connecting to Yahoo Chat Window would appear. After the Loading Indicator Full, Click “Enter Chat”

Enter Verification Code Characters for Security (CAPTCHA)

Before you enable to join Chat Room, you would be need to enter a number of characters and digit called as CAPTCHA. Make sure you enter the code is the same with the Image Code Verification. For users that use Yahoo Messenger Old Version such as Yahoo Messenger 8 or Yahoo Messenger 7, You need to click the url link before you’ll face Verification Code in “Your Web Browser“.

(Example of url Link of Verification Code in Yahoo Messenger 8 that you have to click it before you can enter the security code)

Welcome to Chat Room

After successfully entering CAPTCHA you ready to Chat in Chat Room and begin Conversation with any one who in Chat Room of Yahoo Messenger.

Note: If you face an error message such as This Request was Refused (click to find more information about this), you may need to edit or make new Yahoo ID to comply Yahoo Term of Use such as YOU MUST 18 Years OLD.

Start IM with other User in Chat Room

If you want to make and Instant Message aka Private Message with a user in Chat Room, just click on their username or nickname and you’ll ready to start PM aka IM.

Enjoy it!

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