Delete Remove Friends ID on Contact List of Yahoo Messenger – Tutorial

This is only a short tutorial (that sound easy though but for beginner users of Yahoo Messenger may be he need to know this tutorial) to Remove Friends ID on Yahoo Messenger Contact List. Usually the condition why you wanna remove or delete your friends ID because of You don’t want to talk with her/his anymore, or your friends told you that he has change the New Yahoo ID and the old ID is no longer used and want you to remove it. Any Else? Just add in comment form.

Delete / Remove Friends ID on YM Messenger List

  • Login to Yahoo Messenger
  • Choose the ID that you want to remove from Contact List of yours
  • Right Click on that Yahoo ID
  • You’ll see a Delete Option (See the picture above)
  • Click “Delete Button”
  • Done (If you prompt warning message just click ok)

Remove your ID from friends List

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