Login Problem for Yahoo Messenger 6 , 7 , 7,5 start this day

If you have a problem relating with your Yahoo Messenger this day, especially if you are using Yahoo Messenger version 6, version 7 – version 7,5, and you wanna know the solution for that sign in / login problem just read our news below:

To day is the End of The Day of Yahoo Messenger Version 6 to Version 7,5

Yup, Yahoo has retired those version. The solution for your problem are: use Yahoo Messenger on the Web Chat Client, Use Newer version of Yahoo Messenger: Version 8, Version 9 or Version 10, User Unofficial chat client of Yahoo Messenger such as Yazak, Yahelite, Yahaven (of course you gotta need to install the latest version of those clients) and the last, you can use integrated yahoo messenger with yahoo mail.