Use Chat Shield and Ghost ID in Yahaven

We ever promised you to make a tutorial how to use Yahaven Chat Shield and Yahaven Ghost ID.

Needed Thing: You must have 2 (two) Yahoo ID / Yahoo Messenger ID (Account) (This would calls as MAIN ID)
For beginner user it better that you create two 2 Yahoo Messenger ID (Account). How to create Yahoo Messenger Account just visit here.

  • 1 Yahoo ID for Yahaven Chat Shield: Yahoo ID (MAIN ID) with Alias ID (More than 1 Alias is better). How to create Alias ID just click here.
  • 1 Yahoo ID for Ghost ID: Alias ID not needed

Action to use Chat Shield with Ghost ID:

  • Login to Yahaven using Alias ID ( First Yahoo ID that you create and you have add an Alias ID / Dont use Main ID to Login)
  • Join Chat Room: Type Captcha and do the rest
  • Activate Ghost ID: Click the Ghost ID button (See the image) then if you prompted windows with username and password to login, just login with your Second ID (You create two ID, use the last ID)
  • Activate Chat Shield: You can activate Automatically by type /auto in chat room or click Anti Boot button (see the image). For Manually, Just Click Chat Shield Button (See the image also)

If you still don’t understand, try to read official tutorial to use Chat Shield and Ghost ID of Yahaven here (we remove the link to the official site coz the link is broken / the page isn’t available anymore).

Remember, this Chat Shield is the Ultimate Keys to Obtain Yahaven as Unbootable and Anti Boot Yahoo Messenger Chat Client

Just a Note: Using Chat Shield actually is the same thing just like you using Yahoo Messenger Anti Boot Part II with Alias ID that We ever wrote before.