Yahoo Messenger Emoticons Helper (Hidden Include) in IM’s Window – Tutorial

This is only happen in IM (Instant Message) Window. You wouldn’t see this feature of Yahoo Messenger (10 Version) in Chat Room Window or in Conference Room. This features we called as Emoticons Helpers in IM Windows. This new features would help you to find the proper emoticon that you want to use, including the Hidden ones. Yahoo Messenger Emoticons Hidden that not been listed in Emoticon list would be available to search and find it by using this feature. For better understanding, you can see the image below:

Rose YM Emoticons Helper

Every time you open IM / Private Message window or stat chatting with your friend, in the window on the right of transfer file button / share file button, you’ll see a blank white box. This box can be used to determine the emoticon, such as you want to use rose you can type it in the box “rose”, and the the rose emoticon would automatically appears. Just click the rose emoticon and it would send the shortcut code to the editor text or IM’s windows.

Code Emoticons Yahoo Helper

You can also used the shortcut code such as “;” to figure out the emoticons. For example, if you type “;” than the box would help you to find some of yahoo messenger emoticons that used those shortcut: wink [ ;) ], batting eyelashed [ ;;) ], talk to the hand [ =; ], rose [ @};- ], and hee hee [ ;)) ].

That all the tutorial / tips n trick of Yahoo Messenger Emoticons. Enjoy