How to Find Out / Figure Out Fake Webcam?

To the point. To find out and figure out someone that make a chat with you used Fake Webcam or not here are the “sign” of them:

First: The Video and Chat Activities with you didn’t “similar”. For example if they send you a message than the webcam video “not in typing activities”.

Second: The Video Webcam had repetition. Usually the fake webcam used a video image that been relayed to Webcam. If the video had end they usually restart from the beginning. This could make us know that the webcam make repetition and this is unreal webcam.

Third: The frame usually got “moved”. When you look at the webcam the fake webcam usually had a frame on it (like a “line” in the edge of webcam view window).

How to make sure it is real webcam and not fake webcam?

The simplest way just ask her / him to do a job that came from your order such as “please raise your hand” or “close your eyes for 10 second please”. Then you can make sure he / she is a real person or just fake webcam :).

PS: Fake Webcam can be happened in all Messenger Service: Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, Windows Live Messenger / MSN, Skype, AIM, ICQ, QQ, etc.

Fake Webcam Tool Download Free

If you like to know furthermore about fake webcam, you can try to use it by yourself by download it at:

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