How to Make Request View Webcam Accepted

As you knew, If someone want to view others webcam in Messenger Services such as Webcam in Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AIM AOL Instant Messenger or else, they need to request to view his/her webcam first before they are able to view it. And of course the webcam owner need to accept their request before they can finally view the webcam picture. If the webcam owner decline or reject their request they would never see the webcam.

This article would discussing to make the probability of acceptablelity to view the Webcam more higher, though it is not 100%.

Make View Webcam Request to be Accepted

Actually, this tricks can be called as Social engineering cheat. This because the steps to make it works need Social Networking site orĀ  else. Let go to the topics:

First if you found the user that has a webcam and you want to view his/her webcam but you got rejected many times, you must learn how to make her/his heart change not to reject you any more. Save the username / ID of her then do like this:

Make sure the username has the same email, then you can searching the detail information of her in her profile. Now, if you got the email address of her, you can find the related friends/ close friend of her by using the Social Networking site that she used. Such as search using her email in,, MySpace, Hi5, or else.

Then Look for the close friends that she should be have from her Social Networking Profiles. That has to be in Friends List. Pick one of the friends name that seem she knew well (close friends should be good). For example you found her friend has name: Gloria Agnes.

The next step is, Use the name of her friend to make a BRAND NEW ID (if you use Yahoo Messenger you should create new ID of Yahoo, if you use AIM, get AIM ID, if you use WLM, get Windows Live (Hotmail/ ID / username). For example you use the ID: ms.gloriaagnescute

Then here we go. Use the brand new to make a fake ID of her friends and with a little lie you can view her webcam. Now, if she recognize that the ID likes her friends, she should accept your request to view her webcam.

Enjoy it!