YIntai Patch!! new Live for Y!Intai Lover

Yintai is back! Yintai back from the death and finally re-alive! It’s almost been late for 4 month (unofficially been released on January 2010) that we didn’t realize that Yintai patch –Under the name: YIntai Stolen– has been released by someone (we believe he is mr DownStruck) through underground forum (not released via official website of YIntai). This patch would make you able to use Yintai again and make it able to save and capture any Yahoo Messenger webcam of your target.

YIntai Patch!

You can download Yintai Patch at the links below:
YIntai Patch at kitaupload
YIntai Patch at mediafire

Little tutorial

You need to download and the extract the patch of Yintai and the copy paste (replace) all the file into your YIntai folder (usually at C:\Program Files\YIntai of the old Yintai Installation — not patched yet). And add this webcam server request:


If you using Yahoo Messenger version 9 or 10 you need to use YCabby (installed and used when YM and YIntai in ‘off’ conditions) to make Yintai works properly. Don’t forget to enter (filled) the cam target (token) before you login in YIntai with your Yahoo ID. Recommended use 3 or more Y! ID simultaneously [YIntai was able to be used just like we are using Multi ID of YM, or open YIntai software multiple times. Enjoy!