What is Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox™ ? – Introduction

The background reasons  why yahoo has launch new Yahoo Messenger tool called as Yahoo Messenger Pingbox are: First, for blog user, or social network user, sometimes the visitor need to chat directly with the owner of the blog or page of social network. Second, you want to chat with you visitor without need reveal your true identities (yahoo id) and the visitor did not need to login to Yahoo Messenger to start a chat with you. That the “best” answer why Yahoo built Yahoo Messenger Pingbox.

Therefore, we can called Yahoo Messenger Pingbox is like an Enhanced Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger. The most useful features that why we named Enhanced Chat Client are, we can attached this chat client on our blog only by using simple html script and java script code, and the ability that we can chat with anonymous visitor or any visitor that want to talk with us directly without the visitor need to login to Yahoo Messenger.

How to add Yahoo Messenger PingBox to your blog or social networking?

To add YM Pingbox to your blog (available for Myspace, Friendster, hi5, Blogger, Live Spaces, Live Journal dan Xanga) or wordpress engine cms (not wordpress.com blog), you can visit here to make step by step installation.

If you want to add YM Pingbox to facebook, you can visit our tutorial here.

ps: Yahoo! Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox™ logo are registered trademark of Yahoo, Inc
Image taken from http://l.yimg.com/a/i/us/msg/site/pingbox/prm_pbxzoom_us_3.jpg