Room Destroy Yahoo Room Boot 61 RD 62 Chat Client (Update)

For Yahoo Room Users, might be has familiar with Yahoo Messenger Chat Client called as Room Destroy. Yes Room Destroy is Yahoo Chat Client that can be used as Yahoo Multiple Login in Chat Room. Sometimes it also called as Yahoo Room Loader or Yahoo Room Boot, because of the ability to make multiple Yahoo Bot ID Joined in the chat Room of Yahoo Messenger. You can enter the Chat Room as many as you wish with RD

Features Available in Room Destroy

Multi Bot Loader Room, Emoticons, Chat Room List, Boot Options are the main Features of Room Destroy.

Download Room Destroy 59 61 62 Version (new Update)

You can try Room Destroy from the link that We give you below. Make sure you buy the license to make full access of Room Destroy before you use it. Enjoy it.

Download Room Destroy 59: Download
Download Room Destroy 59: Download
Download Room Destroy 61: Download
Download RD 62 at 4Shared: Download

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