Yahoo Messenger Boot Application Software for Mobile Smart Phone?

We believe that it just a matter of time until the programmer / booter software developer develope an application Yahoo Boot software that can be run from Mobile Phone Devices (especially Smart Phone). Recently, there were only few of them that developed the boot software for mobile device and the software seemly only created to create few boot attack (usually only attack on the implementation of vulnerability of the ym client). That means, ym boot that usually has an ability to make flooding (by using hundred or thousand of bots ID) still not proper to be used in Smart Phone or Mobile Phone Devices.

It is because of the “Brain” aka Processor of the Mobile Phone device didn’t good enough to handle boot software. But recently, the development of technology in Smart Phone would make it ” possible”. Right now, we believe that any kind of Yahoo Boot software can be run in Smart Phone.

We knew that Smart Phone (like BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid, Nexus One) can handle heavy duty: Video Calling for example, that means that its can be handle a kind of Boot Software.

Anti Boot Client for Smart Phone

We believe that if there were Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger for Mobile Phone / Smart Phone that can be used to Join Chat Room in Yahoo, it must be added the ability to protect from Boot Attack / Anti Boot. As long as our experience, any kind of Boot Activities (Flooding, Kicking) usually happen in Chat Room (the best example for Flooding / Booting / Kicking in Mobile Device is Mig33 Chat Room: There were plenty of stories about Mig33 Boot activities)

So, just wait n see what happen next!