Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Free Download StandAlone Offline Installer

 Facebook Chat on Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta

Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta has been released to make you able to test it. The newest features of Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta are the ability to make a chat with Facebook Friends directly from Yahoo Messenger, and You can also make update Status (just like Yahoo Messenger Status Message) of Your Facebook, even you can post a comment on Facebook from Y!M.

The reason behind this feature of Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta might be the fact that right now the Facebook is the largest community Social Networking in the Net ( twitter also gain a hundred of millions users ). It seems also that this is the reason why Yahoo Change our Yahoo! Profile into Yahoo! Pulse that look alike facebook status message page.

What about we called this Yahoo Messenger 11 Version is Yahoo Messenger Social Networking Client!

Just like we though Yahoo Messenger 11 also included with Twitter Update directly from Yahoo Messenger client desktop and ( hope this feature would be able to follow the others Tweets as well). For Another Features that you can try is the existence of Mafia Wars and FishVille from Zynga on Yahoo Messenger Games features. Of course, Making Call, VoiP Service, IM, Chat Room, Chat Converence also available in Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta.

Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Free – Direct Download Stand Alone Offline Installer

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