Yahoo Messenger 11 Final Version Download ( Stand Alone Offline Installer

We just noticed that the Final Version of Yahoo Messenger 11 now available to be downloaded. Right now you can download it by using Online installer that been suggested by Yahoo on its official YM site, Click the link below to download the Online Installer of Yahoo Messenger 11 Final Version.

Download Online Installer YM 11 Final Version

Download Offline Installer Stand Alone of Yahoo Messenger 11 Final Version

For the Offline Installer, aka Stand Alone Installer Download links we would shared you as soon as it available (or we could find it, we are in study to find it right now). Update: here is the final version Offline Installer Download Link:

Yahoo Messenger 11 Final Version

Features: Just like the beta version of Yahoo Messenger 11, you can get some features like playing the game with your friends by inviting option. post status in Social networks like Yahoo Pulse, Facebook or Twitter, Chat with Facebook Friends directly, Multiple sign in PC are available, recent conversation, and the most important thing is right know it seems that you can access all your message archive chat conversation from all PC (this also means that the History chat Archive being saved it Yahoo Server aka Online Archive / Conversation History), you can update to the latest archive features by imports exports it from your PC, and more.

Just enjoy!